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Coming soon: Marvel Comics!


We will soon be setting up a display for marvel comics and others!

We’ve got; Spider-man, Hulk, X-men, etc!!

We will also be setting out manga/ graphic novels that we have had in stock.


Some of the manga/graphic novels are;

Inuyasha, Love Hina, Martin Mystery, Nathan Never, etc!!



The children’s mystery series, Trixie Belden has come to our shelves!

The first book establishes her friendship with lonely, sheltered rich girl, Honey Wheeler, whose family has just moved into the Manor House next door and soon the girls are embroiled in their first case.

Throughout the series, the two girls solve mysteries that baffled authorities and, along with Trixie’s brothers and friends, formed a club called the Bob-Whites of the Glen, have adventures, travel (though not as extensively as Nancy Drew, an older and more sophisticated girl sleuth) (:

Trixie Belden

Also come and check out our selection of Nancy Drew mystery series and The Hardy Boys!


The local author, Denise Weimer, has brought you the fourth and final book in the Georgia Gold series, Bright as Gold!

We now have each book in the series ready to be sold! 

Check out more info on her website:

please check out;

1. Sautee Shadows (in stock)

2. The Gray Divide (in stock)

3. The Crimson Bloom (in stock)

4. Bright as Gold (in stock)


Bright as Gold



4 Things My Wife Hates about Mornings by Robert R. Peecher Jr.

Come on in and check out The Oconee Leader’s humor columnist’s new book!! It is sure to please!!

We currently have a new Summer sale for 50 cent romance series books. Come on in and check it out!

We recently received new trade in’s for science fiction! Come on in and check them out, see the list of authors below:

Raymon Feist

Robert Jordan

Terry Goodkind

Terry Brooks

Tad Williams

Margaret Weis



From the amazing local author Denise Weimer, The Crimson Bloom will be coming soon. This is the third book in the Georgia Gold series.  Make sure to stop by to check out the first three books!!

Check out more info on her website:

1. Sautee Shadows (in stock)

2. The Grey Divide (in stock)

3. The Crimson Bloom (in stock)

Crimson Bloom Cover




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